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Mist's Blog

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Some news about Mist

Mist is now over eight years old and I've certainly been aware that she's a lot slower now than a few years ago. But over Christmas she her coat seemed to be dull and her eyes runny, she has also certainly lost weight. She's keen to come indoors at every opportunity, but once inside she has on several occasions raided the larder and pulled sugar bags down, ripped them open and eaten the contents. It all resulted in a trip to the vets last week, and it didn't take long for the diagnosis to be made which we were half expecting, Mist is diabetic, and she'd been seeking out the sugar to eat which her body was telling her that she was lacking. It's a bit of a shock, but it could be far worse. Treatment of diabetes in dogs is very similar to it's treatment in humans, Mist now has to have two meals a day, twelve hours apart, and after each meal she has an injection of insulin.Already we can see an improvement in her, she seems happier and her coat is already shinning. It's also been recommended that she is speyed, so they'll be no more puppies for Mist, but apart from that she should be able to lead a normal active life. And for Mist there is an upside; along with Jake she has now moved into the house, she sleeps in the porch and enjoys the extra attention of being a house dog. And with any luck she'll be able to feature in the displays next summer, but she perhaps won't be working quite so hard.