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The Filmmakers

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Director, Producer

David Kennard - Director, Producer

David has been a shepherd and sheep farmer since he left school. In recent years he has complemented his farming with sheepdog displays and by writing two books ‘A Shepherd’s Watch’ (2004) and ‘The Dogs of Windcutter Down’ (2005). But it was his highly successful documentary film 'The Year of the Working Sheepdog' (2000) that first gave him the inspiration for Mist.

"Mist has become everything I could have hoped for, she’s great company to have around the farm, but on top of that a really excellent sheepdog, who is fast making a name for herself if the sheepdog- trialling world"

Once he has collaborated on devising the stories, David films almost everything himself. His unique understanding of his dogs' behaviour and appreciation of the countryside and its changing seasons mean that the daily leap from shepherd to director has not been as strange as you may expect!


Richard Overall – Writer, Director

Richard studied film editing at the National Film and Television School, and has worked as writer, editor and director on the Mist film and series.

"My favourite part of making the sheepdog tales is seeing how well the dogs’ true characters match the ones we’ve created for them. Mist always looks bright and eager, Fern is consistently skulking and shifty, Ernie is square-jawed and surly, and Jake is mad-eyed, beaming and barmy - all of the time. They play their parts so well!"

Richard has worked on numerous animation and live-action projects, including Tim Burton’s ‘Corpse Bride’, the feature comedy ‘Bob the Butler’, and the Channel Five Milkshake cartoon series 'Little Princess'.


Lucie Wenigerová - Producer

Lucie describes the tale of Mist as "not so much a shaggy dog story as a sheepdog story!" Amongst a multitude of roles, Lucie's main credit on Mist is as producer. Both creative and with a keen eye for detail, Lucie has been the driving force that has kept the production on track.

"Right from the start, I was drawn to the characters, the settings and its unique, wholesome charm. Three years on and our puppy story has grown into a delightful film and two wonderful TV series, and I trust that you will love it as much as we do!"

Lucie's animation short ‘Sap’ (dir. Huyn-Joo Kim) was nominated for a Bafta in 2003. After graduating from the National Film and TV School, Lucie worked as associate producer of ‘Yes’ by Sally Potter, starring Joan Allen and Simon Neill.


Anthony Hull - Editor

Anthony is a graduate of the Metropolitan Film School at Ealing Studios, completing a Digital Filmmaking course in 2005, before becoming the editor of "Mist: Sheepdog Tales" Series 1 and 2 in 2006.

"Believe it or not, the most difficult thing with Mist is the overwhelming amount of great footage we get from Devon; there’re so many good bits it’s hard to know what to choose! It’s always a delight watching the sheepdogs and the other animals interact – we never know what we’re going to get. It may be tricky cutting Mist but the end result is always very rewarding."

Anthony has also worked on 'Little Princess' as assistant editor and has written and directed two short films; 'Like Father, Like Son' and 'Blank Page'.

Assistant to Producer

Liam Beatty - Assistant to Producer

Liam worked in the video games industry prior to working in production on numerous feature length films, including the screen adaptation of Ian McEwan's 'Enduring Love'. Liam has recently worked as a production manager on a number of short films, funded independently and by the UK Film Council. He met Lucie in January 2007 when he came on board to assist her on the first 13-part series 'Mist: Sheepdog Tales' for Five, and continued working with her on the second series.

"I think Jake is great!"

The Credits